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Belt Conveyor

The roller belt conveyors, powered by a gear motor, consist of drive and tensioning stations, inlets and outlets and the troughs with the conveying belt . They offer a low-cost, variable solution for internal horizontal material flow in silos and grain storage while ensuring gentle conveying of the product. PETKUS roller belt conveyers can be used for all types of cereals, corn, oil and pulses and are available in different versions, with capacities between 60 and 150 t / h.

  • Modular design through duct lengths of 2000 mm, 2500 mm and 3000 mm
  • Made of galvanized sheet steel
  • Oil - and grease-resistant conveyor belt
    RB 500 RB 650 RB 800
Belt width (mm) 500 650 800
Output¹ (t/h) 60 100 150
Belt speed (m/s) 1,5 1,5 1,5

¹ at 75 t/m³