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MultiCoater CM HySeed bio

The MultiCoater CM HySeed bio unit hygienises and disinfects seeds with active steam, enabling effective, gentle and above all, quick and targeted heat transfer capable of permeating the seed.  A broad spectrum of pathogens including fungi and bacteria are eliminated.

The HySeed bio utilizes an advanced batch mode to administer hygienisation so that individual treatment recipes can be implemented independently but in the same device.

In addition to the treatment module (mixer), the core of the technology is also an automatic evaporation device that can provide steam with a high temperature and high humidity in a short time. An additional mixture of air guarantees a gentle treatment of seeds and a precise steam temperature control. The heat kills the pathogens whereas the moisture helps an intensive and rapid heat transfer, permeating into the grain.  This ensures effective control of seed-borne infection even in the deeper layers of the seed.

The steam-treated seeds can be dried in one integral unit. In order to avoid any drop in performance, the HySeed bio device itself only pre-dries the seed for about 1 min. The final drying may take place in a belt or fluid bed dryer. It takes approx. 5 min to complete drying of one batch. The steam treatment lasts for only 1.5 min.  

As a complement to hygienisation/disinfection, liquid and powder applications can also be applied through the HySeed bio.  This provides a complete treatment package against soil-borne pathogens.

The entire treatment process in the HySeed bio is fully automated and is carried out with developed recipes (including different temperature specifications). Documentation and records used throughout the seed enhancement process enable the plant operator to trace back the treatment parameters.


  • Active steam treatment of seeds for effective control of seed pathogens
  • Gentle, homogenious treatment of the seeds without chemicals (certification for organic seeds)
  • Short processing time (compared to hot water treatment)
  • Steam treatment, re-drying and additional applications in form of liquid or powder dosing are possible in one integral device
  • Exact temperature control, documentation and real time tracking of the batch for better traceability
  • Preserved or improved germination potential of seeds by precise control of the seed pathogens
  • High effectiveness against a broad spectrum of fungi and bacteria
  • Very effective against insect infestation in all stages of development (adult beetles, eggs and larvae)
  • Testing data showing effective impact of steam in the HySeed bio on various types of seeds and pathogens available on request
  • Suitable recipe development carried out in the German headquarter
  • Possibility for customer's own recipe development
  • Complex plant technology, adaptation of the modules according to the customer’s requirements
  • Different options for energy supply (electricity, gas or oil)
  • Various unit sizes available on an industrial scale
Max. Capacity   CM25 HySeed bio CM100 HySeed bio CM300 HySeed bio
Wheat (t/h) up to 0.275 up to 1.2 up to 4.1

1 - Hygienisation through active steam treatment

2 - Re-Drying

3 - Additional application of protective components