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Chemical Seed Treater CD

The PETKUS CD Series is used for continuous, liquid chemical treating of seed such as grain, corn, pulses etc. in continuous or batch mode. The seed is transported from the high-precision gravimetric weighing system to the spraying drum. Using particularly fine spraying nozzles, the seed dressing is precisely dosed, finely dispersed and evenly distributed onto the product.
The refined spraying technique ensures market leading seed-to-seed distribution and homogeneous seed coverage.
Due to the profiled surface of the rotating mixing drum, the seed is moved upwards on the inner wall and then rolls in cascade movements over the underlying product.  This gentle mixing without additional mixing instruments guarantees low abrasion (Heubach values).
The entire treating process is controlled via an easy-to-use touch panel. With an optional dosing unit a variety of chemicals and powders can be pre-mixed. The corresponding modules can be combined as required.


  • Continuous or batch mode operation
  • Simple operation and handling
  • Precise dosing of the treatment and prevention of incorrect application due to integrated, automatic monitoring controls
  • Unique drum design provides complete mixing and coverage without mixing tools
  • Homogenous coverage and precision application of the seed treatment by means of spraying nozzles
  • Optional drying in a secondary mixing drum
  • Large maintenance openings for easy accessibility
  • Modular design
    CD 10 CD 30
Length mm 3 300 4 850
Width mm 1 400 1 900
Height¹ mm  3 000 4 500
Weight¹ kg 2 000 4 000
Capacity2 t/h 10 30
Dosing of chemical liquid ml/100kg 200 - 4 000 200 - 4 000
Gravimetric batch size kg up to 100 up to 300
Electrical drives      
Spraying drum kW 0,75 3,0
Mixing drum kW 0,75 3,0


¹ for two drums without scale 
² based on wheat

Working principle for batch and continous mode

1 - Buffer silo

2 - Scale

3 - Spraying drum

4 - Mixing drum