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Chemical Continuous Treater CT

The PETKUS Continuous Chemical Treater CT is suitable for all crops where a throughput rate of up to 25 t / h with high efficiency is required. PETKUS Continuous Chemical Treaters can be used with most liquid treating agents. Up to four different treating agents can be applied simultaneously. Incrustation of the seed as well as coating is possible. All of the chemical treaters meet the standards of the "Biologischen Bundesanstalt" (Biological Federal Institute) and have been tested and certified. 

During product design, special attention was given to the independent seed dosage and chemical agent dispersion. In the synchronized and extremely precise chemical treatment process the individual grain characteristics are of little importance. The seed is volumetrically metered over the hopper into the generously sized spraying chamber. An even product flow into the spraying chamber is ensured by means of a rotary valve with specially beveled cells. In the spraying chamber the seeds are sprayed by using a rotating distribution disc which creates  an even product veil making it possible to achieve a constant and uniform coating without blind spots even at a high throughput rate. The treating agent is sprayed in a fine mist below the distribution disc, surrounding the product and ensuring an even coating.  In the second mixing chamber, the seeds are thoroughly and intensively yet gently mixed using a back and forth agitating motion from the mixing paddles. A user friendly touch panel makes operating the machine easier and controls the complete treating process.


  • Bolted housing made of sheet steel
  • Special plastic linings aid in the reduction of product adhesion
  • Additional aspiration for the reduction of dust in the spraying chamber
  • Precise dosing of liquid seed treating agents and error prevention using integrated automatic control devices
  • Control cabinet with touch panel and control software
  • Remote Control
  • Sensors for monitoring and controlling
  • Easy usage, cleaning and handling
    CT 05 CT 10 CT 25
Length, L (mm) 1 540 2 030 2 030
Width, W (mm) 1 000 840 840
Height, H (mm) 1 750 1 460 1 710
Output¹ (t/h)  1 until 10 2 until 10 5 until 25
Dosage of seed dressing agent² (ml) 150 - 800 200 - 800 200 - 800
Drive capacities        
Spraying disc (kW) 0,75 0,75 0,75
Secondary mixing unit (kW) 0,55 1,5 1,5
Pump (kW) 0,18 / 0,37 / 0,55 0,18 / 0,37 / 0,55 0,18 / 0,25 / 0,55
Rotary seed lock (kW) 0,37 0,37 0,37

¹ based on wheat seed
² ml per 100 kg​