PETKUS Asia Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PETKUS Group, and is the sales, service and engineering hub for South-East Asia, Bangladesh, Korea and Japan. Since starting 4 years ago, PETKUS Asia has realized projects in, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

As the regional hub, based in Thailand, PETKUS Asia Ltd provides sales consultancy and service to all South East Asia. The core competences are the design and optimization of seed and grain plants, created by close consultancy with its customers. Sales and service support is provided by a network of distributors covering every country, co-operating closely with customers to ensure efficiency in the execution of the project, and providing continued long-term support so that the benefit of the investments are maximized.

PETKUS Asia Ltd has developed, by experience, a strong competence with corn, rice and soya, being the main commodity crops, both in seed production and grain drying and storage, and for both government and private investments. PETKUS Asia Ltd is also supplying to vegetable seed and flower seed production plants, which is an important and high value industry in most of the countries of the region.

Alan Hillary Managing Director

Alan is a graduate engineer with over 20 years’ experience of consulting in post-harvest agriculture. As well as being competent in plant design, he is a hands-on mechanical and electrical engineer, and prefers to be actively involved with installation and commissioning of the plants.

Rajesh Kumar Singh Engineering Manager

Rajesh is a mechanical engineering graduate with a diploma in CAD. He has 15 years’ experience in post-harvest plant design and provides PETKUS Asia Ltd with a strong engineering competence.