Our company's history is a story of continuous improvement and development, a commitment to and a pioneer for technological progress. Innovation is the historical heritage of our long company tradition and has become the PETKUS DNA.

Our technical and product-specific know how, applied with years of hands-on experience, provide the ideal tools for the development of new products. With the combination of our capabilities and the ideas, needs and desires of our customers, our aim is to offer the best possible solutions to meet the demand of each individual client.


Trust beyond technology since 1852

Every single corn selected in real-time. Every corn individually cleaned, dried, calibrated and treated. Seed, Grain, Feed: gently processed and precisely enhanced - in an efficient way. PETKUS comes up with the best ideas and best solutions. Our worldwide leading technologies and innovations create Strong Seed. Healthy Grain.

The New Standard in Optical Sorting

Award-winning optical sorting technologies

The possibilities of our OptoSelectors range from analysis in 360°, illumination allowing vision below the surface, and sorting of the smallest fine seeds.

Expert Solutions for Fine Seeds

Precision craftsmanship in individual manufacture

In our Dutch factory, our subsidiary, PETKUS Selecta, produces customised solutions for difficult applications unique to vegetable, flower and fine seeds.

The Future of Seed Hygienisation

Active steam treatment for biological, comprehensive crop protection

Many producers are facing new challenges due to the increasing pressure on the seed coating market. We developed a solution that is an alternative to conventional treatments – without the use of chemicals.

roeber performance

Hallmark of innovation

Sophisticated machines, equipped with advanced technologies, receive the hallmark “roeber” in reference to our R&D-center: the Röber Institute. Roeber is synonymous for high level equipment and pioneering applications.

Innovative Seed Treatments

The all-in-one-principle for seed treatment, film coating & encrustment/pelleting

An ingenious air cushion technology as well as the possibility of treating and drying in one device is the new dimension of gentle seed enhancement.

Intelligent Process Control

Intuitive machine adjustments and complex process monitoring

To increase the efficiency of processing, our machines with roeber performance feature comprehensive technologies for intelligent process control – including sensors, cameras and operation via touch panels.