The PETKUS Turnkey+-Concept is a combination of technology and economics. PETKUS has a complete understanding of the complexity of building plants as well as the individual steps in the various processes and can interpret KPI’s far beyond the basics.

Only in this way is it possible to evaluate turnkey plants in a sound economic manner. Building plants starts before you start building. PETKUS Turnkey+ offers sound agricultural economic consulting. It includes investment studies, site searches, land management, support for approval procedures, logistics concepts, infrastructure measures, utilities and services, design, construction and installation.


The interface between technology and turnkey plants

Turnkey+ = turnkey plants PLUS experience, advice and expertise. Projects with the Turnkey+ seal combine PETKUS engineering expertise and economic understanding for the entire seed and grain industry.

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Grain Logistics

Efficiently receiving, drying, cleaning and storing grain

During the harvest period, large quantities of grain must be handled in a short period of time. PETKUS develops sound logistics concepts and offers flexible, dependable and modern technologies for reception, processing and storage.

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Feed Mills

Sustainable concepts with detailed planning

PETKUS develops technical solutions with the specifically related animal needs in mind. Years of experience in the feed business go into designing plants that ensure long-term animal health while remaining economically feasible.

Oil Extraction

With a view to the vegetable-oils value chain

The PETKUS oil refinery center of competence located in the Balkan states is a novelty in the industry. Boris and Marco Umićević are amongst the few experts who understand the entire production process from planting through to refining.

Flour and Starch Mills

More than just roller mills

The key components of a healthy, balanced and diversified diet require careful and technologically sound processing. The same is true for industrial flours that are used for starch production. PETKUS / MMW delivers high quality milling machines and builds turnkey mills.