XXII Thuringian Innovation Forum 2019


Röber Institut GmbH – Member of the PETKUS Group was announced the winner of the ‘Light & Life’ category at the XXII Thuringian Innovation Forum 2019 in Germany for presenting the new OptoSelector OS f roeber.

The farmers always need to get the highest potential yield. High yields are based of course on best quality seeds. That is why the cost of seeds may reach one Euro per one seed.  Damaged or defective seeds are undesirable as the initial product should stay in compliance with the highest branch standards.

Until now optical sorting of fine seeds always faced difficulties associated with high-precision detection of defects and sorting out good seeds from bad ones. The more so because in some crops 10 000 seeds weight may be less than one gram and it is hardly possible to separate seeds from one another just by sight. The OS f roeber allows cleaning small seeds at highest quality level where nowadays standard color sorters fail. The innovative material transport system is well synchronized with the newly developed ejection system. A high-resolution full color camera system based on latest high-tech optical components detects tiny differences to ensure purest fine seed lots.