World Seed Congress 2015


At this year's ISF World Seed Congress 2015 in Krakow, Poland, PETKUS presented its OptoSelector OS 900 and drew once again all eyes on it.

The high-tech machine is an optical full-color selector of the latest generation – it combines s innovation with design. Furthermore it offers precise as well as simultaneously color and shape recognition technology. The centerpiece is the high-precision opto-electronics, combined with the software "TeachNSort", high-performance computer engineering, and fast pneumatics. This combination makes the optical sorter so special. A self-learning system records the entire color spectrum of the material plus memorizes all relevant parameters for future sorting tasks.

The OptoSelector proved once again to be a crowd puller and attracted many interested customers as well as an international audience to the PETKUS booth. "We have set new standards and a benchmark in high-precision color and shape sorting by constructing and launching the OptoSelector. With this precision machine and since its premiere at the Agritechnika 2013 PETKUS proves once more its leading role in the field of optical sorting technology. Our goal is not to improve the existing but completely redefine it. We more than succeeded with the OS 900,” commented PETKUS CEO, Mark Scholze, the great success of the machine.