Visitors from Africa


A business delegation from Cameroon visited the traditional Thuringian company. The high quality standard is also in demand in the West African country. That is why representatives from businesses and organizations are looking for cutting-edge technologies and high-quality production machines.

On May 9, 2014, PETKUS Technologie GmbH welcomed a business delegation from Cameroon. The trip was organized and conducted by the State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen) and the Afriboom e.V. The guests were representatives of business enterprises and organizations from the West African country.

After an introductory overview of the company and its product portfolio, the guests were impressed that PETKUS in addition to individual machines also designs and integrates technology concepts, thus making a great contribution to the modernization of the global agricultural economy.

In the production halls the Cameroonians experienced how the individual components are manufactured and then assembled into machines. Starting with the incoming goods from there they went on to the pre-production and finally to the assembly. At least there, the quality of the "Made in Germany" has been clarified as the PETKUS professionals together put the items into many steps by hand. These findings were corroborated quality standards in the last section - quality assurance. German products are in Africa for outstanding quality plus good service including intensive product training, according to the unanimous opinion of the members of the delegation.

The German - Cameroonian relations are very good. This is essentially based on the commitment of Germany within the framework of development cooperation. According to the Thuringian Ministry of Economy the Thuringian Export to Cameroon has achieved a new record with a circumference of 12.9 million euros in 2013 - nevertheless the trade relations are still at an early stage. Also for PEKTUS the African market is particularly promising. With the visit from Cameroon a good start has been made to begin the economic relations in the West African country.