There is something going on at PETKUS!


Excavators worked, earth was moved and wells were dug. Foundation work has been completed. Due to the growing global awareness and the increasing demand for seed and grain processing machines, the leading German manufacturer PETKUS Technologie GmbH is expanding. A finished goods warehouse with storage of spare parts and machines is currently under construction.

Based on the architecture of the modern, light-flooded PETKUS main building complex, a 2,610 m2 steel warehouse is erected. This design includes floor storage and also extensive shelf storage for spare parts. Additionally, an international container terminal will be built, including bridge crane for loading.

The impressive cantilever beams were bolted to the complex steel structure on site. This method proves to be particularly efficient because the ratio between the building’s footprint and weight of steel is extremely economical. Currently, the exterior facade of the warehouse is being fitted. Following the style of the existing PETKUS architecture the profile glass walls are mounted on the gables of the new hall by a specialist company. Next, the remaining walls and roof made of sandwich elements are fitted before casting the concrete floor. Finally the grounds will be landscaped.