Their Majesties were guests at PETKUS: Royal delegation from Cameroon informed themselves about seed technology


Even the police was alarmed and ready for escorting when the bus with the ten queens and kings passed through Wutha-Farnroda. Berlin – Leipzig – Dresden and then Wutha-Farnroda: PETKUS was one of the stop-over of the royal delegation. Together with representatives from industry and science, the delegation was on a special trip through Germany.

“To establish and strengthen sustainable economic collaboration through bilateral relationships on municipal level between Cameroon and Germany”, Louis D. Siewe from Global Edu Pals and one of the trip organizer pointed out the credo. The kings’ influence on traditional institutions is high. They promote political stability, social interaction and influence development processes.

Some African states such as Cameroon show great potential. “Regarding seed production, we made the experience in western parts of Africa, that the business is rather professional and on a technical level comparable to European standards”, confirmed Peter Hüser, Leader Key Account Seed at PETKUS. The reason for the delegation’s visit was to promote the technological development in Cameroon as well as their deep interest in the technological solutions PETKUS can offer for their country. Thus, besides meeting Federal Minister Dr. Gerd Müller, the Thuringian Minister Heike Werner (Labour and Social Welfare) and the Thuringian Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (Economics and Science), PETKUS was an important aspect on the agenda.

To see live the full spectra of seed technology and the manufacturing of machines during a guided tour through the PETKUS campus was the highlight of the visit. It rose enough topics for further discussions about dryer, cleaner and turnkey seed lines for various crops. Among other things, Hüser could report about the already successful collaboration between the GIZ and the Burkinan seed producer NAFASO (PETKUS Web News on 6.3.17 & 13.7.16). In addition, PETKUS is currently working on a customized solution for the Burkinan seed association UNPS-B for semi-mobile seed plants. Experience and expertise combined with appropriate technologies make PETKUS a highly potential partner for the ambitious African seed industry.