The Honorary Award


PETKUS ranked among the most innovative companies in East Germany

Berlin.  In the framework of the East German Economic Forum (OWF) Carsten Schneider, Minister and Federal Government Commissioner for East Germany honored the outstanding entrepreneurs in East Germany. 

On Tuesday, March 17, Anja and Mark Scholze (CEO of PETKUS) received the “VORSPRUNG 2022“ award for the outstanding innovative potential of the business.  

In his speech, Carsten Schneider pointed out that over the past 30 years, the East German economy has changed a lot and many new ideas have emerged. The companies that received today's awards were a shining example that the East German economy was growing at a faster pace in many areas. And this is due to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation of companies like PETKUS.

The history of PETKUS goes back 170 years. It is a story of continuous improvement and development.  A story of unprecedented technological progress. Innovation is the heritage of a long company tradition, it is the PETKUS DNA.