Test results speak for themselves: ROEBER OS 900 repeatedly delivers outstanding sorting results


Increase germination capacity by 25%. Reduce problematic impurities and defects by 55-75%. Detect and eliminate tiny fissures while minimizing kernel loss and thereby maximizing seed volumes. The ROEBER OS 900 continually proved its superiority in impurity recognition and reduction during a series of practical comparison tests.

Accompanying field tests were conducted in order to verify the results achieved at the PETKUS Technology Center in Wutha-Farnroda (Germany) with samples being taken and analysed by independent laboratories. The OS 900 repeatedly delivered outstanding results including comparison tests with a well-known competitive machine. Field lots containing problematic impurities, which reduced germination capacity below the legal requirements, were saved from rejection and were sold in the market with official certification. Due to precision sorting, seed loss was reduced to a minimum. In addition, the OS 900 showed a highly efficient re-sort mode while running high capacities.

You can find the detailed test reports under the following link: PETKUS/ROEBER OS 900 fact sheet.