Test winner PETKUS C 200: each pill as perfect as the next


Uniformly round and free of cracks to its surface: the perfect pill becomes a reality through usage of a PETKUS seed pelleting line. When put to the test against a Western competitor, the PETKUS batch treater C 200 demonstrated its superiority in the pelletizing of sugar beet seed. On site at BETA Ziraat ve Ticaret A.Ş. in Altİnekin, Turkey, the treaters’ process and pelleting quality were analysed after being run under practical conditions.

The required sticker proportion, time per batch, output per hour, percentage of breakage and pelleting homogeneity were evaluated for the normal, mini, and micro sugar beet pills produced.

While still achieving the same quality pill, the PETKUS C 200 batch treater required 50% less stickers and pelletized five more units per hour, at 6% less time per batch, than its competitor. The reduced batch time plays a pivotal role in reducing the risk posed to product, as the intense contact during pelletizing can later cause cracks. The excellent pelleting quality of the C 200 proved superior to all the rest.

The C 200 sets itself apart from the competitor through its unique features, one being the specialized agent dosing system. The unique strength of the PETKUS “C” Series is its ability to generate and store customized recipes. One can individualize the agent dosing starting point, the duration and the intensity of treatment, and thus set the dosing in a simultaneous, overlapping, or sequential manner. Additionally, the PETKUS spraying disc features the best atomization and most optimal spray angle, which delivered significantly more homogenous and uniform pelleting when tested against its competitor.