TechAgro 2014 - And the silver medal goes to…


Learn more about our newly developed and award-winning dryer DS 1500-9, which had been developed in close cooperation with our Czech partner Bednar FMT s.r.o..

Congratulations on winning the silver medal!

The kick-off of the largest agricultural fair in Central Europe, the TECHAGRO 2014 in Brno, Czech Republic, marked an award ceremony at which our partner, Bednar FMT s.r.o., received the silver medal for an innovative PETKUS dryer.

The progressive dryer was developed in close cooperation between PETKUS and Bednar. In contrast to drying with gas or oil burners, the dryer is heated by hot water and can also be supplied – if necessary – with an electric heater. With the hot water heater the dryer DS1500-9 reaches a performance of 9.0 t/h (wheat).

Background for this development and constellation was and is a subsidy for farmers in the Czech Republic who operate biogas plants and plan to support a dryer with it.

From March 30 to April 3, 2014 the TECHAGRO showed the latest trends and agricultural technologies on almost 70,000 m2. With a strong foreign participation from approximately 40 countries and a rich accompanying program with topical industry issues as well as the participation of important personalities the organizers are expecting a visitor numbers of over 100,000 people.

The visitors of the TECHAGRO respectively at the joint PETKUS-Bednar-stand were informed on the newly developed, progressive dryer, as well as the entire product portfolio.