Successful Market Launch: PETKUS G mid-ex delivers convincing results under real conditions


The PETKUS G mid-ex was recently launched for market at the AgriTechnica 2015 and has established itself well in the market in this short time period. The reason for this is tied to the excellent results delivered by this innovative gravity table with its distinctive deck. Production capacity has been increased to meet market demands and ensure fast delivery. Reference tests have proven that product value increased by approx. 80€ per MT when using G mid-ex technology vs. previously used technologies.

The data for the Return on Investment study was collected by a German seed breeding company after replacing their standard technology (table separator) with the G mid-ex. It was assumed that the heavy fraction is valued at the average price for wheat seed and that the light fraction is valued at the average MATIF price for commodity product, leading to the following results:

  • The portion of marketable seed increased by 18% with the PETKUS G mid-ex vs. the standard table with identical input due to a more precise separation of light and heavy fractions.
  • Based on 2000 MT of input product (wheat) revenues were 12% higher (approx. 140,000€ in absolute terms) due solely to the use of superb technology. Differences in capacity were taken into account.
  • With the G mid-ex the percentage of light product in the heavy fraction (good product) was an almost negligible 0.7%.
  • The G mid-ex sorted with a purity level of 99.3% in the heavy fraction.
  • The payback period can be under 1 year even if the processed amount of seed is under 2000 MT/year.