Shaken, not stirred – ESA Annual Meeting 2015 in Vienna


On October 11-13, the Annual Meeting of the European Seed Assocation (ESA) took place in Vienna-a prominent event where industry leaders can disuss the latest developments of the seed business.

Serving as a highlight of the event, PETKUS Technologie GmbH presented the new Gravity Separator G 20 ahead of the upcoming AgriTechnica in November. With remote operation control, the Gravity Separator G 20 caused plenty of discussion amongst the expert audience. Not only did the pre-AgriTechnica revelation cause a stir, but also the fact that PETKUS was the only company to display a machine.

The PETKUS Gravity Separator G 20 features a new aero-dynamic design and mass balancing system that reduces machine vibration. An optimized flow design between the ventilator and table surfaces allows for homogenous speed and pressure of the air flow against all table surfaces, increasing precision and performance of separation.

An innovative feature of the of the PETKUS Gravity Separator G 20 is its ability to be remotely controlled and technically supported from any internet-connected tablet or smart phone, allowing operating assistance or troubleshooting to be quickly performed. The software can store up to 500 different parameter settings for a diverse variety of crops.
With innovation fostered in the workplace, PETKUS designers are encouraged to think outside of the box, leading to cutting edge technological solutions, like recent developments made in the area of optical sorting, physical and biological disinfection methods, and the optimization air flow designs.


Under the motto „shaken not stirred“, the PETKUS team highlighted some special features of the Gravity Separator G 20. Not only does it achieve a cleaning efficiency of nearly 100%, but it can be used as an excellent cocktail-shaker. Alongside industry shop talk, the guests at the PETKUS stand received a perfectly shaken cocktail, directly from the working deck of the G 20.

„With such creative and innovative employees, referring particularly to those in product development, I need not worry about the future“, commented the visibly pleased PETKUS CEO Mark Scholze of PETKUS‘ performance at the event.