Seed Breeding Company KWS receives the first brand new PETKUS MultiCoater CM 25


Success begins with “q” for quality. This is the line that the globally successful seed breeding company KWS in Einbeck (Germany) follows. As such they took the decision to go with the latest and most advanced technology for coating and treating that is available on the market today. During a recent handover celebration, KWS received the first PETKUS MultiCoater CM 25, which is now ready for serial production.

The first edition of the PETKUS Multicoater CM 25 will be put to work for the small batch production of sugarbeet seed at KWS. “The size and functionality of the CM 25 have been adapted to fit the increasing quality requirements for coating and pelleting in the last few years” advised Jörg Philipps, Head of the Business Unit Sugarbeet. The use of state of the art technologies is an important cornerstone for certified top quality seed. “Exceptional genetics are one thing” commented Ralf Trichter, leader of KWS Production Research, “but very often the technological processes downstream are the icing on the cake for high quality”.
Wolfgang Hahnheiser, leader KWS plants and processes, and his team have high expectations of the new coater. He expects a significant competitive advantage in terms of quality and efficiency due especially to the combination of coating and drying. “The CM 25 has been designed to meet the special requirements of customers who value process optimization” added Dr. Khaled Raed, Manager PETKUS Innovation. Together with the PETKUS technologist Mirko Kutsche, Dr. Raed commissioned the CM 25 in the sugarbeet trial center in Einbeck in front of the KWS team. 
The CM 25 has a batch volume of 25 kg, and is a great example of imaginative technology development that focuses on the value and quality of the individual kernel. The CM series is the only coating technology that combines coating and drying in one step. Moist, clumped seed is thus passé. The specially designed air-cushion technology, combined with shock absorbing polymer deflector blades ensures extremely gentle handling.