ROEBER Institut GmbH presents: "Healthy from the cradle - innovative seed treating methods without chemistry"


To be prepared for the future with the right technology. The implementation of that credo was impressively demonstrated by Dr. Doreen Thoren, Manager Research Department of the ROEBER Institute, at the DLG Forum "Crop Production Live" held during the AgriTechnica 2017. The presentation, which was sponsored by the Federal Programme for Organic Agriculture and Other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (BÖLN), dealt with the topic "Innovative seed treatment methods without chemistry".

It is possible to select and produce a healthy, pathogen-free and highly germinable grain by sophisticated technological processes, even without the use of chemical agents. Obviously, the production of healthy seeds begins before seed coating by applying adequate and precise cleaning technologies", said Thoren, thus emphasizing the great importance of a modern processing plant.
Additionally, ROEBER HySeed bio offers a technology that drastically reduces or eliminates the number of colony-forming units of different fungi and bacteria on the grain surface. “This means that seeds can be hygienized and biologically upgraded," said Thoren, demonstrating this statement on the basis of her numerous trials with different types of crops. These showed that germination capacities could be considerably increased by using the activated steam technology.
A major advantage of the technology is that it goes beyond activated steam and enables additional seed protection applications in a single platform. This means that only one device is needed to hygienise and coat seeds. This also opens up the prospect of protective seed treatment application.
The ROEBER HySeed bio 25 with the activated steam technology is to be launched in mid-2018. This offers the opportunity not only for organic farming to treat seeds without chemicals in order to effectively combat pathogens.