Revolutionizing a classic: PETKUS’ scraper chain conquers the challenges of organic farming and soybean production


Experience proves once again that PETKUS Cleaners excel at handling product with a high proportion of hulls or foreign material. Revealing itself as a unique manufacturer of technology, PETKUS equips its cleaners with a scraper chain in addition to a ball-cleaner. Especially in the realm of organic farming and soybean production, PETKUS’ scraper chain reigns supreme over all other screen-cleaning methods.

The conventional ball cleaning method alone is in most cases not adequate to dislodge the soybean hulls that become wedged in the screens of a cleaner, thus the screens can become heavily clogged. A similar problem occurs when dealing with grain that is heavily contaminated with foreign material, stalks and/or hulls. Organic farming requires mechanical solutions to this blockage as it entails wider crop rotations, which include a variety of different products and an allegedly higher proportion of stalks, weeds, and chaff.

Jean Christophe Chassaigne, a farmer located near Agen (France), swears by the PETKUS scraper chain: “The PETKUS A 09 cleans very efficiently, produces superior quality, and is easy to handle.” J.C. Chassaigne produces wheat, sunflower, maize, sorghum and soybean on 500 ha in accordance with the principles of organic farming. He uses the parallel-configured screens of the PETKUS A 09 to clean around 20 t/h worth of heavily contaminated grain, before drying the product with a PETKUS WS 1500-8 and storing it. Thanks to the scraper chain, screen blockages are at a minimum and inhomogeneous product can be more evenly distributed over the screens, allowing for a full utilisation of the screens’ width. The result is guaranteed cleaning performance and quality.