Recognized expert: Carlos Hansel from PETKUS Brazil was the guest speaker at the 5th APASSUL “Meeting of Seed Producers”


Carlos Hansel, CEO of PETKUS Engenhaira Ltda. (Brazil), shared his knowledge on seed processing technologies with seed industry representatives during the 5th “Meeting of Seed Producers and Technical Responsible Training”, organized from APASSUL (Associação dos Produtores e Comerciantes de Sementes e Mudas do Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil) and CSM (Conselho de Sementes e Mudas).

As a recognized expert in the business, Hansel was invited to present “New Technologies for Seed Processing” at the venue in Santana do Livramento/RS (Brazil).

Approx. 320 assigned congress participants from the major seed producing companies in Brazil, crop protection industries, stakeholders and research institutes such as Embrapa took part and discussed technological solutions with Hansel. Crops such as paddy rice, grass, soybean, cereals, tobacco and corn were the main focus of the discussions. The PETKUS product portfolio and especially the OS900 colour sorter, the Gmidex gravity table as well as the brand-new “CM” MultiCoater, attracted considerable attention and offered highly innovative technological solutions for the expert audience.