Processing Grass Seeds on a New Scale


In early 2021, PETKUS successfully completed the design, supply, installation and commissioning of probably the largest grass seed line outside the USA. Delivered to Luisetti Seeds, the line is also believed to be the largest seed line ever built in New Zealand.

Cutting edge seed processing equipment overcomes borders

Despite the COVID pandemic, international border closures and all the other associated challenges, the new line was ready and running in time for the 2021 harvest. Designed over two years with close cooperation between the management at Luisetti Seeds and the design engineers and specialists at PETKUS, the line is capable of processing more than 3.5 t/h of ryegrass and 10 t/h of cereals.

PETKUS delivered the all new S18 Airmax for the pre-cleaning and the touch-screen driven S18 Airmax roeber for the main cleaning. Added to this are three pairs of 900mm x 3,000m indented cylinders, grass seed deawners, cereals deawner and the continuous chemical treatment line. A bespoke ‘double big bag’ packing system was also delivered to handle the large volume of treated seed.

Independent sections for maximum flexibility

By separating the pre-cleaning and main cleaning sections from the chemical treatment section and the aspiration and waste handling systems, only the section necessary for the task in hand needs to run – saving energy and simplifying the clean down process. Due to the high percentage of waste separated during ryegrass processing, the line features three separate reverse jet dust filter systems and a conveying system feeding six large overhead buffer silos that can discharge the waste directly into trucks.

Fully connected with Remote Service

PETKUS also supplied the steel machinery platforms, process piping and aspiration pipes. The electrical control system, touch screens and software were produced in-house by PETKUS Process Automation. The plant can thus not only be controlled by the Luisetti staff at any time and from anywhere, but also offers PETKUS' remote service for online monitoring and assistance.