PETKUS/EES Companies expands seed testing facility in Des Moines, Iowa: Going beyond the lab


Going beyond the lab and testing at full commercial scale – all for the benefit of the PETKUS/EES Companies’ clients in North America. EES Companies invested in a large operational testing facility in the Des Moines area, where seed samples can be analysed using commercial throughput rates and quality standards on a one-to-one customized basis. The machines and technologies installed are exclusively from PETKUS.

This test facility will help clients make the most informed decisions about conditioning their unique products. Client’s products can be tested and evaluated under actual production conditions and the performance of the PETKUS machines can be verified. Shortly after the inauguration, Jeff Elwer (CEO EES Companies) and Jon Moreland (Senior VP Sales EES Companies & PETKUS) welcomed the first guests and clients from a well-known multi-national seed production company for the start of an intensive testing series. Multiple clients are scheduled to evaluate their products at the test lab in the coming months.

Dr. Christian Engel and Mirko Kutsche (both PETKUS Technologie), Chris Rappe, Barry Briggs, Dan Pelican and Chet Hiatt (all EES Companies) installed and commissioned the PETKUS equipment such as the brand new PETKUS MultiCoater CM, the innovative gravity table with the eliminated middle fraction (G “Mid-ex”), the flexible fluidized bed dryer DF as well as the benchmark optical sorter OS900i.
More information about the largest seed lab and the seed plant engineering can be found at this link: