PETKUS Technologie GmbH expands to South America


PETKUS Technologie GmbH, the well-established and renowned German manufacturer of seed and grain processing technology is expanding its global distribution network of currently 14 worldwide offices and announces to open its first branch in South America: PETKUS Brazil. The newest subsidiary will have its headquarters in the city of Santa Cruz. CEO and contact person on site is Mr. Carlos Hansel.

PETKUS Brazil is established to serve the Brazilian and Southern American market for sales of highly innovative machines, engineering (EPC) of projects and agronomics as well as after-sales-services. Further to the founding of the new subsidiary, PETKUS is proud to announce a joint venture with the renowned Argentinian company FJA (Francisco J. Abelló y Ascociados S.A.). The company is specialized in industrial, commercial and institutional projects with an immense experience and strong commitment in all necessary engineering disciplines of turnkey seed and grain plants. FJA’s Manager, Rodolfo Benvenutto, now also serves as Global Director Latin America on the PETKUS Board and Chairmen of PETKUS Brazil.

“I am excited about our new ‘family members’ and to have such experienced persons as our CEO, Carlos Hansel, and Chairman, Rodolfo Benvenutto, on board. His vast competence and the market potential for our advanced and innovative technology solutions will be beneficial for our customers,” says PETKUS-CEO Mark Scholze. “Our strengths in these areas are unmatched; PETKUS also looks forward to partnering closely with FJA to bring the benefits of their long-term experience to our clients and to reach our mission of strong seed and healthy grain.”

The city of Santa Cruz, where the new PETKUS office will be located, has been founded by Germans. “We are proud that the name PETKUS represents the quality label ‘Made in Germany’. This stands for first-class cutting-edge technology, superior quality and manufactured machines exclusively in Germany. Our experience and references show: for demanding customers looking for trustworthy, innovative products and competence – PETKUS is their first choice,” explains Mark Scholze the latest business move.

Contact PETKUS Brazil:
Mr. Carlos Hansel
Phone: +55 (51) 9303-4884