PETKUS strengthens its Seed Coating Service


The Dutch seed technologist Ko Oud will strengthen the PETKUS Service Team in Enkhuizen (Netherlands) in the area of seed coating. The increasing complexity of coating recipes, the intensified activities of PETKUS in the sector of fine seeds and vegetable seeds as well as the new PETKUS MultiCoating technology have made PETUS to set up a highly specialized service team for seed coating.

Hence, PETKUS confirms once again its expertise in the field of coating and supplements its advanced technologies with extended service. In this context, Ko Oud and his team will be responsible for customized recipe development, laboratory analysis and trials, smart service and on the spot support for optimal treater adjustment.
Oud is well-known to the sector. His long experience over several decades around vegetable breeding, vegetable seeds and seed coating has made him a very valuable partner for PETKUS. Oud comes from agriculture and has grown up with cauliflowers, strawberries, chicory, red cabbage, melons and cucumbers. “I have been passionate about sustainable agricultural technologies and seed enhancement techniques,” says Oud. His experience in the sector of research and development of seed technologies and seed treatments are demanded all over the world. Inter alia, Oud worked many years for Royal Sluis, Incotec and Evanthia Seeds before joining PETKUS.