PETKUS scholar Dr. Julian Rudelt evaluated new method regarding treated seed flowability


Revolution Powder Analyser is the name of the device that Julian Rudelt used to gather more insight into the dynamic flow behaviour of treated seed. In his recently published study [; 70 (5)], he analysed the “Impact of adhesive adjuvants into seed treatments on the flowability of cereal crop seeds”.

Recipe and holding capacity of polymers are one aspect. As the coating process and sowing differs in time and space, technical claims such as adhesion and flowability come additional into focus. Especially flowability has a main influence on efficacy of seed treatment as it prevents blockage. Surface coating leads to a change of internal friction between grains. But concerning seeds, no investigation regarding flowability have been reported for cereal seed treatments, comparing different slurry mixtures, as Rudelt recognized.
Thus, his study is of fundamental impact when talking about the different impact of adjuvants on flowability and how to analyse this flowability. During his PhD, Rudelt was a scholar of PETKUS. Improvements of flowability were also detected in the PETKUS test centre when comparing MultiCoater treated seeds with seeds treated in common batch treater. This demonstrates the importance of developing concurrent machine and adjuvant technologies for improved seed coating processes.
Source: Rudelt, J. (2018): Impact of adhesive adjuvants addition into seed treatments on the flowability of cereal crop seeds. In: Journal für Kulturpflanzen 70 (5), pages 158 – 162.