PETKUS ROEBER OS901t awarded with the GRAPAS prize at Victam 2019


One of the most outstanding and sophisticated optical sorting technology was awarded with the GRAPAS prize 2019: the PETKUS ROEBER OS901t. Among 15 final applicants for the coveted award, the OS901t made the race in a jury consisting out of independent, international industry experts, visitors attending the Victam International Exhibition and delegates attending the GRAPAS Conference taking place at the same time.

The awarding donor of the prize is the Milling and Grain magazine, the oldest milling magazine still in print. The prize is awarded only every four years during the Victam fair and the co-located GRAPAS EMEA event. Victam is the world’s largest dedicated event for the animal feed and processing industries. The GRAPAS EMEA is the event for the grain, flour and rice processing industries. The criteria for the award are clearly defined with the subject of application should be a most innovative and economically beneficial equipment for the processing or servicing in the milling of grains and cereals for food production.
The PETKUS ROEBER OS901t fulfilled those criterion excellently, as the optical sorter combines RGB and additional unique light transmission in one platform. This innovative PETKUS solution expands the scope of application of optical machines and makes it possible to achieve higher quality in pasta, rice or flour industry through using upfront the high end quality sorting of the grain. With this technology, customers e.g. for durum processing for pasta manufacturers or backers could see and sort the durum due to its absorbance behaviour of the light. This is directly related to quality parameters of the durum and consequently to the quality of the semolina or the baking properties.

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