PETKUS Production Heading for the Future


PETKUS invests in a new automated bending machine to follow the increased demand and order volume for their solutions. Rethinking the production setup and processes has become a necessity to achieve higher output and shorten delivery time - especially with the ongoing challenges in supply chain management.

During the past two years, the production area at the PETKUS headquarter has been significantly transformed. The investment in a powder coating line and a fiber laser of the latest generation could decrease external production of parts, thus reducing lead times. An all-new shear punch machine with automated loading and unloading increased the output on punched parts by 40%. 

The latest production equipment to boost efficiency: Building up a robotic bending to achieve an output increase of 30% of bent parts. Handling, bending, stacking, and tool change are fully automated. Parts with a size of 4000 mm and up to 100 kg can be handled – also in automated weekend shifts.

Over the past five years, PETKUS has delivered solutions and products to 95 countries. New production machinery and an expansion of the existing production area will significantly shorten delivery times and assist PETKUS in continuing to offer its global customers high-performance technologies for strong seed and healthy grain.