PETKUS product innovation: the new MultiCoater CM


PETKUS’ innovation offers more than just a single machine. The solution for high quality seed production lies in the technology: stress reduction. Minimization of process steps. Elimination of friction. Preservation of germination capability. Sowability optimisation.

The PETKUS CM uses air cushion technology during the encrusting and pelleting of seeds, which not only allows for gentle-handling, but the subsequent drying and reduction of dust abrasion. All treatments, including diluents, dyes, polymers or other pelleting and coating substances, can be applied subsequently and/or at different times and intensities. Within a single batch and machine, the product can be treated and then dried. Encrusted or pelleted seeds need not be dried in any further steps—leaving healthy grain as healthy grain.

The PETKUS Multicoater was first introduced at the AgriTechnica 2015, where it became an instant eye-catcher and centre of attention. “A highly innovative machine! We can hardly wait to see the new treatment equipment in action,” was some of the first feedback received from those in the seed and plant protection industry.