MultiCoater Technology to set global benchmark for seed treatment


PETKUS’ global seed technology leadership has once again been highlighted by the supply of its CM technology for field crops to the North American partnership project.

As part of a contract with one of the key accounts in the USA which specializes in seed production, PETKUS has delivered its brand-new specially designed CM MultiCoater Technology & equipment to build the largest coating line for chemical treatment of the field crops. PETKUS’s two CM batch treaters, 300 liters each organized in one coating line, will enable operator to work with ten separate liquid active ingredients and two powders at a time.

PETKUS is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies in the world. For 100 years, we have led the way in engineering innovation in our chosen fields. CM technology is a unique innovation which has been developed by Röber Institute (part of the PETKUS Group) and launched to the market in 2014. Since that time, over 100 coaters have been put into operation worldwide providing the ultimate in quality treated seeds.

Dr. Khaled Raed, CIO & Vice President of PETKUS said: “The novel coating technology with a multi-layering possibility gives our client an improved business performance and a new added value. This is unique and only available on the market from PETKUS. The direct injection dosing system for each of up to 12 liquid actives allows big advantages in terms of storage and minimizing effort for pre-mixing and slurry preparation. 

Technology Manager for Chemical Processes, Dr. Yvonne Staate, added:  “When consulting with our clients we develop the right setup and design for each purpose. Some clients prefer direct injection, some prepare the slurry as a premix. We are fully prepared to meet the client demands thorough flexible dosing and customer tailored chemical delivery system offered by the CM technology.”

Effective and amazing results achieved during testing and process verification at the PETKUS North America Test Center in Iowa helped convince the customer to choose PETKUS as a complete scope supplier for cleaning, sizing and coating.

“We believe that it should not take ages to get a new seed line up and running. Installation and commissioning should be convenient and intelligent. We are looking forward to seeing first quality seed prepared from this brand-new facility already next season”, said Dr. Khaled Raed.