PETKUS Innovation: making use of aerodynamic elements for improved cleaning


Bringing aerodynamics into the play, seed sorting can be done more precise and more gentle. Concurrently, one may cause separation by accident and not by precision when not having aerodynamics under control.

So, one of the first things to do before using an air channel to separate the seeds is to make sure the airspeed is as homogeneous as possible. Often, we can see that in the middle of the air channel there is a peak in air speed, and towards the walls of the channels a much lower speed. Especially elongated kernels need some extra assistance or instrument, for example vibration, to make sure that the kernel enters the enter flow in the right way.

Take into account that in Northern European countries the air volume is different from Southern Europe, and there is a difference in air volume between summer and winter. Seed plant operators need to take measures to keep the air volume as constant as possible.
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