PETKUS Girls‘ Day 2014 - Powergirls


What was once unthinkable is now no longer impossible to imagine. In "typical male professions" such as industrial mechanic or mechatronic technician, even today women can be found – but still rather rare ... At this year's Girls' Day PETKUS offers five schoolgirls an exciting insight into exactly these two professions.

Under the slogan "Wanted: Power Girls " PETKUS offered schoolgirls an exciting insight into the works as an industrial mechanic and mechatronic technician at this year's Girls' Day.

This is how the five "PETKUS Power Girls" started their Girls' Day on March 27, 2014: After a loose acquaintance round and a company presentation with an informative tour including detailed work instruction – they went in medias res. The girls got their working clothes and were spread over different stations which play an important role in these jobs. In that way the five could collect practical experience in welding, turnery, assembly, and quality control. In addition to the practical work, the young women learned interesting facts about the seed and grain technologies of the Thuringian traditional enterprise and its major contribution to the modernization of global agriculture.

Quite impressed was plant manager, Manfred Glock, by the "welding talent" some girls showed: "Respect! To weld a nearly perfect seam at the first attempt – this is really impressive. Once again it shows that women in technical professions develop the same skills as their male colleagues."