PETKUS Academy hands out scholarships and Academy Awards for exceptional performance


They drew attention to themselves through exceptional performance. This year’s scholarship and Academy Award winners were recognized for their excellent thesis work and their role model engagement in their fields of expertise. Tribute was paid during a 2 day Student-Days event at the PETKUS Academy where 17 students from various universities and colleges were invited.

Eleven universities and colleges are currently listed as preferred partners of the PETKUS Academy. They were responsible for nominating candidates from various fields of study including Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Sciences and Life Sciences for the scholarships and awards. The Academy Awards were presented to Sarah Seufert and Renato Gille, both graduates of the “Dual College Gera Eisenach” (DHGE). Scholarships were awarded to Teresa-Maria Schinabeck of the Leibnitz-Institute for Agricultural Technology and Bio-Economy in Potsdam and to Ties Ruigrok from the University of Kassel.

Sarah Seufert studied mid-size business at the DHGE and did her practical portion at an international toy manufacturer, Habermaaß GmbH (HABA), located in Bad Rodach (Upper Franconia). Her bachelor thesis was titled “Creating a standard process for international market entry for HABA and executing this process on Malaysia as an example” Her thesis maintained an excellent overview, illustrated strong content knowledge as well as overall in-depth knowledge based on exhaustive data analysis. Seufert created a strategically significant criteria catalogue for HABA which now allows for effective decision making.

Renato Gille received the award for his bachelor thesis titled “Development of a precise adjustment mechanism for LED matrix reflectors”. He completed his bachelor of engineering studies in the mechanical design area at the DHGE and worked with the company Automotive Lighting Brotterode located in Brotterode, Thuringia. The goal of his work was the development of a high-beam module for headlights that both significantly reduced costs and improved functionality. The strong practical nature of his work can simply be described as fascinating. The solution proved to be of enormous practical value and was “an excellent example of knowledge transfer between the learnings at the DHGE and applied engineering in the field” added Dr. Heike Knörzer, Leader of Knowledge Management at PETKUS Technologie GmbH.

Teresa-Maria Schinabeck is currently doing her PhD at the Leibnitz-Institute for Agricultural Technology and Bio-Economy in Potsdam. Her topic is the “Research of particle moisture by use of TD-NMR as well as the stability of valuable substances during drying”. The scholarship is intended to continue to support Schinabeck on her independent, goal-oriented and highly motivated journey. Ties Ruigrok’s strong personal motivation was also recognized with a PETKUS scholarship in his final year of Agricultural Technology studies at Kassel University. Strong initiative and scientific curiosity have formed an integral part of Ruigrok’s personal growth. “Both scholarship winners represent the type of talents that PETKUS supports and wishes to encourage to continue down their roads to success” added Scott Sartisson, Leader People Development at PETKUS Technologie GmbH