PETKUS Academy Awards 2015


The PETKUS Seal of Approval! Two exceptional students presented their Bachelor Theses at the PETKUS Academy on December 12, 2015. This was the third year that the PETKUS Academy Awards have been presented in an effort to support the young people who will help shape the future in the Thuringia Region. “This award is a fulfilling acknowledgement of my work and a huge personal honour for me” commented Ralf Näther, one of this year’s winners.

The two winners, Ralf Näther (SWE Netz GmbH / Majoring in Services Management) and Benjamin Schade (EDAG Production Solutions GmbH / Majoring in Mechanical Engineering Design), are graduates of the “Berufsakademie Eisenach”, and completed their studies with excellent bachelor theses. Both students were able to make a significant contribution to their employers by taking on relevant topics and providing sound evaluations, analyses and solutions.

Ralf Näther was acknowledged for his Thesis „Concept for Asset Maintenance in Regulated Gas and Electricity Networks Based on the SWE Netz GmbH”. Benjamin Schade received his award for his Thesis “3D Design of a Mobile Robot for Marking Fundament Layouts on Factory Floors”. „Ralf Näthers thesis is extremely convincing due to the very clear structure and precise line of thought, said Dr. Heike Knörzer, Leader of Knowledge Management at PETKUS. The topic was driven by the need of the Erfurt network operator to execute its strategic goals and Ralf Staub, Commercial Manager of SWE Netz added that the comments also “apply to the economic feasibility analysis”.  The question at the heart of the topic was “How can the existing condition of gas and electrical networks be measured and how can quantifiable goals be set as a result?” To answer the question, the actual condition of the networks was recorded, a consistent basis for future data collection was set, strategic goals were quantified and network and organizational recommendations were made.

The second award winner, Benjamin Schade was also commended for his approach to his bachelor thesis by Jörg Lückert, manager of the PETKUS plant design department: “I was impressed by the clearly structured train of thought despite the high level of complexity, the precise definition of the goals, the well-considered selection of the drive motor and the presentation of the grounds for selecting this design”. With his AMOR (Automated Mobile Robot) Benjamin Schade presented a well thought through solution for mounting production machines with 0,5mm precision.  Marking the exact location for mounting on the workshop floor is a manual, work intensive step. In designing the robot, key solutions for elements such as room positioning, obstacle recognition, marking, drive, steering and energy supply were selected. With his work Benjamin convinced not only the PETKUS jury but his mentor Antje Hill (EDAG) und Prof. Uwe Hoyer, Program Director for Plastics Engineering and Design as well.