PETKUS Academy Award and Scholarship 2017: the Laureates


The PETKUS Academy Awards and Scholarships 2017 were characterized by women’s power. Sophie Wittig from the Technische Universität Dresden received the PETKUS Academy Award for her outstanding master's thesis in which she showed a remarkable engineering mind-set. Henriette Keuffel from the Universität Hohenheim was awarded a scholarship for her technical engagement, her commitment and her ability for multidisciplinary networking.

“With her final result, Mrs. Wittig is one of the best 10% of the year," said Prof. Dr. Herlitzius, Chair of Agricultural Systems Engineering at TU Dresden. With her "Investigation of Agrophotovoltaic Systems in the Context of different Forms for agricultural Applications" she not only presented a very structured thesis, but also convinced with excellent research work, an highly analytical approach and aha-effects for the reader. Dr. Heike Knörzer, Head of the PETKUS Academy, explains the awarding of the prize: "Mrs. Wittig has not only comprehensively and comprehensibly worked through a complex topic, but has also designed a calculation module in her work that can serve as the basis for science and practice.”
Henriette Keuffel, a master's student at the Universität Hohenheim, convinced the PETKUS jury with a remarkable curriculum vitae and personality. Estonia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy and New Zealand are among others on a long list of internships and training programs. Her professional career is not only characterised by competence and versatility, but above all by her commitment and passion for agriculture; capturing, sensing and bridging the various aspects of the agricultural world. “This is also reflected in the fact that Mrs. Keuffel maintains and builds networks, which is extremely important in today's globalised world," says Prof. Dr. Enno Bahrs, Institute of Farm Management at the Universität of Hohenheim.
“We have seen two very worthy prize winners whom we wish all the best for their future careers”, says Knörzer.