PETKUS Academy: A meeting of international experts in Wutha-Farnroda


PETKUS Academy has once again welcomed an international group of PETKUS experts to a technology training week at its headquarters. Forefront in discussion were the latest in industry developments, present technological challenges, and strategies for tackling today’s markets. The circle of experts in seed and grain technology hailed from across the globe: Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Throughout these four days, PETKUS’ latest innovations were presented, tested, and discussed. Industry benchmarking was carried out and technological solutions were calculated, the results of which confirmed the company’s standing as an industry leader in innovation. Amongst all developments discussed, PETKUS Innovation Manager Dr. Khaled Raed presented the company’s line of new and improved machines and solutions to the group.

Central topics were the challenges to and proposed solutions for modern cleaning and sorting machines, as well as the innovative concept of combined coating, pelleting and drying. Issues were raised in regards to maintaining or improving processing quality amidst ever growing capacities, as well in addressing the further development of aerodynamic components and intelligent digital process controllers. Last but not least, PETKUS Academy included plenty of opportunities for more informal networking, including an evening of bowling!