Of course, we can! Sustainable agriculture through the production and trade of quality seeds


PETKUS delegation comprised of high-ranking colleagues from Germany, China and India (Dr. Kai-Uwe Vieth, Senior Sales & Development Manager Roeber Institute, Ming Hu, General Manager PETKUS Technology (Beijing) and Rajiv Iyer, Senior Sales Manager SEA Region) were participants to the Malaysian Seed Congress end of November. The Asian Seed Congress is the biggest annual event, attracting seed industry professionals from throughout the Asia Pacific regions and the world.

“Our mission was to promote the OS f roeber in the Asian region and also to attract attention to the other innovative machines from our portfolio”, said Dr. Vieth commenting on the event. “One of these days a very interested Chinese company also asked if we could sort out not only the weed seeds and foreign material, but also the greenish rucola seeds as they typically have a lower germination. Of course, we can! I showed that we just have to click at the greenish looking seeds (labels) and assign them to a new label class, that I have called “green”. Then I clicked at updating the color histograms and the automatic classification.  That is what the machine learning is all about.”

This was followed by sorting the rucola seeds and immediately the Chinese customer could see the difference of only sorting out weed seeds and foreign material and to additionally sorting out greenish seeds. They were impressed how easy it is to change the program and that the result shows a clean and distinct difference. We definitely met the goal to get a lot of positive attention to our new OS f class sorter.

Everyone knows the idiom “missing the train”. Оptical sorting from PETKUS is exactly the “right train to catch” if you strive for high-quality fine seeds of vegetables, flowers and spices.