More than just an upgrade: the new PETKUS Gravity Separator


The time for mediocracy is over. The new PETKUS Gravity Separator G 20 “Mid-Ex” puts an end to mediocre compromises and sorts accordingly: all or nothing. The specially developed Mid-Ex table top sorts goods precisely into heavy and light factions. The often problematic middle faction is removed.

The PETKUS Gravity Separator G 20 “Mid-Ex” is equipped with all the standard technology that the entire PETKUS G-Series line has to offer. However, in the case of the G 20, the last third of the table surface has been modified. The new table lining has been designed as a zig-zagged shaped ribbed construction, which increases the lifting force and diverts airflow to sort the heavy goods more precisely from the light. The standard PETKUS Gravity Separators G 20 and G 40 can be easily modified and upgraded with the “Mid-Ex” deck.

With the Mix-Ex table surface, PETKUS has once again challenged the current standard by thinking outside the box, thus setting a new benchmark for technology on the market. This was accomplished through new applications of air flow simulation by the PETKUS research and development team.