Insider knowledge: Dr. Khaled Raed, PETKUS Innovation Manager, and his View on “Seed Industry 4.0”


Seed processing in the future? With smart facilities and smart machines which are taught to recognize what a good seeds look like? Demands on seed quality are increasing, and following the complexity of the processing machines. PETKUS is moving to this “Seed Industry 4.0” in two phases.

Available now: Included electrical control components at the machines that are connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) that allows for integrating sensors, for developing algorithms, mirroring through smartphones or tablets and remote sensing. Coming next: Realization of real connectivity between the different processing machines with having, using and harmonising live data about the running seed processing qualities and procedures.

The full expert column from Dr. Khaled Raed, PETKUS Innovation Manager, can be read under the following link: ​