How Can We Help? – The Customized Service Approach


From a company’s perspective, it can be selling and commissioning while the client is buying and operating. But is this satisfactory and successful? There is something in between that makes the difference between a highly economical operating plant and a just working plant: it is service. In times where it is important to considerably reduce good seed loss while preserving high quality seed output by precise sorting processes, and on the same time, skilled operating personnel becomes rare, success is written by clever project planning and managing.

We have seen more plants worldwide than most of the plant operators. We have a collection of good ideas. We have a team of experts. Thus, service for us is synonymous with support and solutions. Customer service is more than just the spare part section. It is supporting customers individually before, during and after a project and taking their specific needs into account. 
What if you invest into a seed plant project in a foreign country, where you don’t know the legal requirements or the local conditions? You neglect soil conditions and seismic influence? You don’t take into account that maybe in ten years you want or need to process not only maize, but also sunflower and soybean with this plant? Plant projects are not only about seed processing procedures but more about the scope of investment. Does a plant processes seeds only or does a technology investment pays back in short terms and reduces future running costs?
Service is to have a contact person to ask all those questions. To have a project consultant to set the appropriate scope of the investment for future challenges. To fall back on a laboratory that develops special screen diagrams and program adjustments for your specific needs or develops coating recipes. Service is to improve seed processing quality, efficiency and costs by closely cooperating with the technology provider and to profit from experiences.