Career start at PETKUS Four apprentices start into their professional lives


September 1, 2014, full of energy four new apprentices start their training program at PETKUS Technologie GmbH. PETKUS was founded in 1852 as the world's first company specialized in the construction and production of seed sorting and cleaning machines. Since its inception the company has been a major employer in the region. Last spring the four young men – Moritz Büchner, Tobias Märtin, Tom Mehrbach, and Karl-Wilhelm Spahn –applied and were accepted for the three and a half year apprenticeship program in mechatronics in the headquarters.

"The training of our apprentices as excellent professionals is of crucial importance at PETKUS to the international success of our company.The field of mechatronics is very diverse and there are many different areas of application”, says Production Manager, Manfred Glock regarding the recuitment of the new apprentices. During their training the apprentices benefit from the broad and long-standing knowledge but also from the international environment of their colleagues. Almost 20 different nations are represented here in Wutha-Farnroda. 
The first working day began at 7.30 a.m. with a warm welcome by the Personnel Officer Christine Rampolt, the Production Manager, Manfred Glock, and the Assembly Manager, Uwe Liehr. After that, a detailed tour of the production facilities they were brought to their departments and quickly involved in the day to day work.
During their apprenticeship they will pass through all departmens on a rotaring basis e.g. prefabrication, turnery or assembly – to name a few. Training content in mechatronics include pneumatic and hydraulic systems as well as installing electrical systems and equipment. "Because of the training contents technical understanding and interest in addition to team spirit are of the utmost importance," says Uwe Liehr, Assembly Manager.
"With a good grades, technical competence and team spirit we are very open to hiring you after you complete your apprenticeship," by adding that Personnel Officer, Christine Rampolt, motivated the young men.