Bringing something new to the market: the PETKUS DF Dryer


PETKUS Technologie is a repeat offender: design and functionality have once again been successfully combined with efficiency and quality—all captured in one machine.

The PETKUS “DF” Series Fluidized Bed Dryers are a fall 2015 addition to the company’s product portfolio. Customers can rely on yet another product with the PETKUS quality seal to help them produce high quality seed. Seed quality is negatively affected when too much moisture is absorbed during or after the coating and pelleting process, which often leads to clumping.  Fluctuating weather conditions or high humidity can also lead to high moisture levels that impair seed quality. Without the use of a dryer, seeds can lose their best sowability and grain becomes stale and mouldy during storage. 

The compact PETKUS DF dryers dry product as it flows over zig-zagged levels, based on the vibrating fluidized bed principle. The design not only saves space, but also increases flexibility: the flow of goods can be loaded continuously, in batches, or in semi-batches. Furthermore, the temperature level can be controlled at each individual screen level.
The PETKUS DF dryers are available in three models: the DF 090, DF 120 and DF 150, and have already been received by satisfied customers in Asia.