Book released: PETKUS – A History of Strong Seed & Healthy Grain


Grain cleaning in the past and present: the company PETKUS – as one of the longest-serving seed and grain technology companies in the world – a story to be told. This book is not only about a fascinating company history between 1852 and 2017, a survival of wars, political aberrations, division and immense social change, but also a history of seed and grain cleaning technologies.

The latter being persistently neglected in the history of technology and seed science. Over the centuries, PETKUS has remained true to itself, its business and its philosophy of strong seed and healthy grain, of continuous improvement and development, and being a pioneer for technological progress. The medium-sized entrepreneur company experienced the change in agriculture from winnowing machines for small rural cooperatives and dusty barn floors to high capacity turnkey plants with optical sorters and smart service. But it is not only about machines and engineering solutions, but also about the people behind it all.
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