Awarding of the “PETKUS Academy Award 2014"


For the second time the renowned Thuringian company PETKUS awarded the “PETKUS Academy Award 2014”. The 500€ doped prize was created in a close cooperation between the University of Cooperative Education Eisenach and the PETKUS Group.

On December 12, 2014 two students graduating in 2014 were awarded. One prize went to Madeleine Gombert for the best bachelor thesis in the subject area of “Technical Management”. The best final thesis „International Business Administration“ supplied Sebastian Matthes. Both graduates wrote their bachelor thesis in the light of their dual course of study at the BA Eisenach and a regional Thuringian company.

The winners were accompanied by their respective companies’ caregivers, and their professors of the BA Eisenach. After receiving the award, Scott Sartisson, congratulated the two graduates on behalf of the PETKUS Group. An exclusive tour of the company with lots of interesting facts about the production of machinery and other interesting information about PETKUS followed.