PETKUS certified as "Hidden Champion"


Beginning of March PETKUS was certified as one of the top-performing companies of Thuringia that has achieved market and technology leadership through innovative products and services.

Ambition to be the best

The title “Hidden Champion” means leadership and top business performance in the international arena. The following strict criteria are to be matched: B2B services, international presence, proximity to the client, and the family nature of the company. What is more, the “Hidden Champion” in its niche is the top three in the world or the No. 1 company on the continent. These are exactly the positions that PETKUS takes today in the field of seed preparation.

The kick-off event “1. Thuringian Champions MEET” was held on Friday, March 3, in Erfurt by LEG Thuringia. The kick-off event connected the "Hidden Champions" of Thuringia with politics, business and young talents and used best practice examples to show how to get to the top. 

The keynote speech was held by Prof. Hermann Simon, a world-renowned management thinker and expert in corporate strategy and marketing, to whom the term "Hidden Champions" goes back. He lectured on the topic "Hidden Champions - strategies for success of medium-sized companies”. As noted by Prof. Simon, the “Hidden Champions” have extremely ambitious goals for market leadership and growth. They use fundamentally different innovative processes. Their innovative developments are market and technology-oriented. After the interview with Mark Scholze, Prof. Simon mentioned that "PETKUS is a typical case of a hidden champion".

In his address to the employees after the honorary award was presented, PETKUS CEO and Managing Director Mark Scholze thanked the staff and noted: “We have a long journey and a lot of work behind us, which brought us to the point where we are today. I hope that we will continue to walk together on the “Ambitious Path of the Best” among top-performing companies that are at the forefront of the market”.

The list of German companies that qualify as "Hidden Champions" is updated regularly. Prof. Simon announced that PETKUS will be featured in the next publication.