From November 8-14, PETKUS will be displaying six products with highly innovative characteristics in Hannover, Germany at the 2015 AgriTechnica, the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment.

With a company philosophy centered on innovation, it should come as no surprise that PETKUS has an abundance of new machines to debut: the Fluidized Bed Dryer DF, the Continuous Chemical Treater CT Vario, the Gravity Separator G mid-ex, the MultiCoater CM 100, and the OptoSelector OS 900i.

The Fluidized Bed Dryer DF features gentle drying within a compact design, providing a solution for pellets or seed coated with high amount of liquids. With air temperature adjustment possible at each screen level, one can monitor and prevent the overheating of product – leaving you with the highest quality seed possible.

With the Continuous Chemical Treater CT Vario, the user decides on which elements to combine or substitute in a customized process. Combinations include the choice to dose seed gravimetrically or volumetrically, the use of chemical agents separately or as a pre-mix, and the choice between the Paddle Mixer and Octo-Star Drum Mixer for secondary mixing.

The Gravity Separator G mid-ex  (see photo) embodies precision sorting without compromise. PETKUS‘ ribbed construction of the rear deck features a greater lifting force and airflow diversion than conventional table separators, ensuring that light and heavy grains are precisely sorted and thus no middle fraction remains.

The MultiCoater CM 100 presents an all-in-one concept, in which germination capacity is preserved by eliminating the need for additional, stressful transport and processing steps. Through air cushion technology, which reduces friction and improves circulation, you will experience better results in the treating, encrusting and pelleting of seed.

Through the OptoSelector OS 900i sorting is brought to a whole new level with the use of full colour and near infrared cameras, as well as shape recognition technology. Managed through our new TeachNSort software, this combination of sorting technology ensures that defects on individual kernels are detected – allowing for the removal of inferior quality input.

Come see it all live in Hannover at the AgriTechnica, where the 252 m² PETKUS stand (hall 06, stand F39) features a wealth of newly designed products!