Add translucence to RGB and NIR with the PETKUS/ROEBER OS 901 t


Illuminate the differences – detect the unexpected by applying the right illumination option for the right job. The OS 900, the first optical sorter that offered RGB and NIR in one single platform, was further developed into the OS 901 t, where “t” stands for translucence.

Sorting gets challenging when defects deviate from the usual. RGB and NIR optical sorting fail when it comes to separating white paddy rice from red-bran rice, durum from soft wheat, dent maize from sweet corn or sound maize kernels from those without germ.
When size, weight and colour fails, the PETKUS/ROEBER OS 901 t comes into play.
The strong, homogeneous and high quality LEDs inside the OS 901 t as well as the special light configuration allows for a look through some grain species. Using this new and very intensive “translucent” light, the appearance of a kernel with a specific defect such as a missing germ in maize due to insect attack looks different. This is the uniqueness compared to other optical sorters: variable luminance for variable defects, combined in one platform.