A prototype gets ready for series production: PETKUS presents the MultiCoater CM 25


The PETKUS MultiCoater family has a new member. After having presented the CM 100 prototype at the AgriTechnica 2015 which has attracted a great deal of attention since then, the “little brother” CM 25 has now been launched. It inherited the innovative genes of its “CM” family: Coating and drying in one step, air cushion technology, wing-form deflectors made of a shock-absorbing polymer as well as a precise, fully automatic control system with recipe saving features.

The CM 25 is not just a downscaling of the CM 100 with a smaller mixing chamber. In terms of coating technology PETKUS engineers have turned this “little” coater into a “big” multi-talented device. During a PETKUS internal product launch presentation, an expert team received an impressive first presentation of the new CM 25.
The proven loss-in-weight dosing system is additionally equipped with Hirschmann laboratory hose pumps and servomotor for increased dosing precision. The PETKUS CM uses air cushion technology during the incrusting and pelleting of seeds. This not only allows for gentle-handling but ensures the subsequent drying and reduction of dust abrasion. The 25 kg mixing chamber batch size is in line with the approximate seed amount required for 1st year official cereal variety registration testing. As such, the CM 25 is the optimal coater for breeding and experimental stations.