Tradition and dynamics: Employees at PETKUS

Over 160 years ago, PETKUS employees created the foundation for the first mechanical seed cleaning machines. Today, they design and build, among other solutions, high-tech optoelectronic systems.

The team: Passion and responsibility

Every single employee understands the enormous importance of seed quality in times of a growing population and shrinking cultivatable land areas and they take their job very seriously. 
With passion and team spirit, they follow the vision of strong seed and healthy grain. Together they intend to make a difference; together they intend to create. With unshackled minds, they use creative freedom in a responsible way to push their present achievements into a secure future with new and innovative ideas.

Becoming a global player through pride and respect

Presently, over 350 employees from more than 20 nations work at PETKUS in Wutha. 
23 international offices serve 113 countries.  The strong growth over the last few years was only possible thanks to the ambition and flexibility of this highly motivated international team whose interaction is based on mutual respect and open-mindedness. 

Thomas Darr

Project Design Engineer
In Project Planning, I am currently working on a project for a new corn seed system, from first draft through to final detailed construction.

Marina Pickler Rorato

Educated as a lawyer in Brazil & in Int. Relations in Germany I’m now in charge of all legal activities for the PETKUS group.

Hans-Thomas Fieting

Sales manager for Central and Eastern Europe
The treatment of corn seeds is booming at present – at the moment we are assembling several large systems at the same time. My main motivation here is the team.

Oleg Kindenko

I am from the Ukraine and, as a mechanical engineer, I manage orders and quotes for countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Natalya Panassenko

Project Manager
I started with PETKUS 4 years ago in marketing after completing my MBA at Weihenstephan University. Today I also coordinate the cooperation with our 4 offices in Russia and have sales responsibility.